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Residents and Guests -Information and Guidelines


In the interests of safety for all Residents and Guests the following guidelines are set out to ensure that your stay with us is an enjoyable experience.

  • Please review the Fire Evacuation Procedure located in your unit.
  • We hold Green Star Environment Accreditation as a green resort, please ensure all recycle items are separated from food and related scraps and dropped in the recycle bins (yellow lids), for general food scraps etc, please drop in the General Waste Bin.  These bins are located in the basement opposite the car park entrance.  $50.00 will be charged to your account/ credit card if garbage is left in your unit upon check out.
  • A charge of $50.00 will be taken out from your account if kitchen utensils are not washed, dishwasher is not emptied, food is left in the fridge and or garbage is left in the unit upon check out.
  • There are 2 BBQ areas. One near the SPA and one near the LAKE. Each are equipped with electric hot plates and are available for use. Please see manager for keys at the reception during office hours. AFTER USE PLEASE ENSURE that the Hot Plate, bench and tables are clean.  $50.00 shall be charged to your account/credit card if the area and hot plate are left dirty.
  • Located at the BBQ areas are waste and recycle bins, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE THESE TO BE USED FOR APARTMENT TRASH.
  • POOLS and SPA AREA; NO GLASS, CROCKERY, FOOD OR ALCOHOL is permitted in this area.
  • Under no circumstances are children under the age of 13 permitted in the pool(s) without adult supervision. Children under age without supervision will be REQUESTED to leave the pool (s) area.
  • Please read and follow rules & regulations in the SPA and POOL AREAS.
  • NO towels or clothing are permitted to be hung over the balcony rails.
  • SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED WITHIN THE COMPLEX! Look after your family and the community, please DO NOT SMOKE! Or 4 meters away from the complex.
  • Should you be locked out of the secure area or your apartment a call out fee of $150.00 shall be applicable after office hours.
  • As you will note all keys to our resort are controlled and secure as such should you lose your keys a charge of $125.00 shall be applicable.


Edward Zou

Onsite Manager

Sanctuary Lake Apartments