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There's Still Time for the Whale Watching Season

in Local Attractions

 Aug 13th 2015 5:16am

Breach With Mountains

Growing up, a majority of us get to see whales only through books, videos, and pictures. Now that you’re all grown up and can do anything you want, would you let the opportunity pass not seeing whales up close and personal?

Every June 1 to October 31 of the year is the season when whales love playing near Gold Coast. During this time, you can find yourself in total excitement as you witness whales from afar like your hotel room or by the beach. People used to be contented with this kind of encounter until there’s Whales in Paradise.

Since it is the first of its kind in the local industry, Whales in Paradise has been becoming famous for tourists and locals alike. Its vessel, called Mahi Mahi, never fails to bring its passengers to the best spots where interactions with our huge aquatic friends are possible.

Whales in Paradise boasts of it 100% whale sightings. So confident it is that if you don’t see even a single whale on your tour with it, it’ll give you a ticket refund as long as the trip happened during the whale watching season.

As a modern catamaran, Mahi Mahi is big and spacious making every passenger comfortable and not crowded. And with all its features, customers are sure to get the worth of what they paid for. Mahi Mahi has water level, 360 degree viewing decks giving equal chances for everyone to be up close and personal with the whales. It also has a rail side position and stable design for a smooth and safe journey.

Tickets are available through its website with costs of: $99.00 for adults, $69.00 for children, and $267.00 for families comprising of two adults and two children. Get on Whales in Paradise while the whale watching season is on!

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