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Live the Terror at Fright Nights 2015

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 Sep 6th 2015 12:30am

Warner Bros

Raise your Halloween experience to the next level. Live the terror every Friday and Saturday nights as Fright Nights returns this October at the Warner Bros. Movie World. 

Fright Nights presents four new mazes based on 3 different films and a video game. Experience one or all four starting with Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th: With Jason back and hungry for blood, how could anyone be safe? Test your survival skills as you live the terror in Camp Crystal Lake.

Wyrmwood: If you love zombies, then proceed to the second maze. It’s all about surviving the zombie apocalypse as you become the hunted at the Wyrmwood Maze.

Wolf Creek 2: How about experiencing the most popular Fright Nights maze once again? Make sure you don’t miss the terror at Wolf Creek 2. Mick Taylor is waiting.

The Evil Within: You think you know The Evil Within because you’ve played it? Think again. The video game is different from the maze. Get ready to face Ruvik and the evil he brings.

The fun and terror at Fright Nights doesn’t end inside the mazes. Outside you’ll find four new scare precincts ready to shock you.

It’s a Zombieland at Movie World's Fountain of Fame while the Fright Nights Freaks invades Movie World Main Street. Will you pass by those places or will you enter the Demons Lair full of unclean spirits and fallen angels? If not, visit the Gothic Hall instead. The Gothic Hall is Fright Nights live music hub where you can watch various live performances.

For more fun activities, try Fright Nights new panic rooms. Get locked up, solve clues, and escape the room within 20 minutes. Or, visit Warner Bros. Movie World’s first Real Horror Short Film Festival.

Watch the entries from the Reel Horror Film Competition and wait for the announcement of winners at the Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 Arena on October 31 at 7pm. Besides cash prizes, the winning film will be part of Fright Nights 2016 maze or precinct.

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Image Source : Warner Bros. Movie World

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